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Baltimore Bucket List

February 20, 2015
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Charm City Must-Dos for 2015!

Bucket List: Baltimore
Baltimore Bucket List

by Madi Boris, Loyola University Maryland class of 2014

Okay, so let’s be honest here (because honesty is the best policy, right?), how many of you didn’t venture off campus as much as you had hoped to last semester?  Now don’t worry you’re not alone - it happens to everyone, you get caught up in the routine: school, homework, food, sleep, repeat ….  and you just forget to indulge in the charms of Baltimore City.    But have no fear, there’s still time!  It’s never too late to formulate your very own Baltimore Bucket List and start checking things off one by one! I thought I’d compile a list of Bmore must-dos to help get ya started: 

Attractions to See

  • Fort McHenry National Monument
    • You don’t have to stress a trip to DC  -– you have a national monument to visit right here in Bmore! Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the National Anthem, has played a vital role in American history since the nation’s beginning.  With spectacular views of the surrounding harbor, the outdoor venue is a great place for an afternoon stroll and the awesome history lesson you’ll get is just an added bonus!
  • Maryland Zoo
    • Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!  Remember to regularly check out the zoo’s website to see what exhibits and baby animals are new and exciting – like right now there are a couple of adorable lion cubs for you to “oooh” and “aww” over, as well as a brand new penguin exhibit! 

Baltimore Bucket List

  • Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse Museum
    • This squat little lighthouse is often overlooked due to its tucked-away location, but should definitely be added as a pit stop on your walk around the Harbor.  The public is free to go up and take in the scenic views from Pier 5 any day of the week!  


  • AVAM
    • Arguably the most eye-catching building in Baltimore, the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM, for the cool kids) has a unique combination of exquisite exhibits that range from just plain silly (The Whoopee Cushion Bench) to the absolutely extraordinary. Oh, and don’t forget your student ID … there’s a discount!!
  • Washington Monument
    • Every year, the holiday season starts with a bang and a celebration at the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon.  With beautiful lights, a dazzling fireworks display, local vendors selling crafts and goodies, this is an event that is sure to get you in a jolly mood!
    • After two years of construction, the monument will reopen this July and visitors will once again be able to climb to the tippy-top and take in the spectacular aerial views of the city.  So, bring a camera, snap a pic, and if you post it to Instagam – don’t forget to tag us! (@baltimorecollegtown)

washington monument

Things to Do

  • Movie at The Senator
    • Catch the newest flick at an antique theater – it’s the perfect combination of modern and classic!


  • O’s game at Camden Yards
    • Dawn your black and orange and head down to the ballpark to support Baltimore’s Boys!
  • See a show at the Hippodrome
    • Catch a little bit of world-class entertainment at this picturesque venue – shows coming up include Chicago, Wicked, and Dirty Dancing (yeah, pretty good, right?)
  • Concert at Pier 6
    • An open-air music venue right on the water – it’s the perfect setting for any concert! Some upcoming performances include All Time Low, Widespread Panic, and Santana and they’ll announce their summer lineup in a few weeks.
  • Dress up like a Hon for Honfest
    • Head up to Hampden in full Hon attire and be part of this crazy day of celebration! You’ll need a beehive hair do, some sparkly horn rimmed glasses, and maybe a feather boa for good measure. 
    • If you can’t make Honfest in June because of that darn summer internship, try for Hamdenfest in September.  The toilet bowl race will make you proud to call B-more home.

Baltimore hon

Places to Eat

If I were to list all of the great places to eat in Baltimore it would go on and on … and on … and on.  So instead I thought I’d include a few crucial sites for finding great specials, deals, and happy hours around the city so you can determine your own favorite Bmore eatery!

Just as a piece of advice – if you’ve never been there before, go ahead and call the restaurant beforehand just to guarantee that the happy hour info online is still accurate! Happy feasting, friends!

 matthews pizza           
               Matthew’s Pizza                                   Nacho Mama’s                 

c and r tavern            ra sushi
C&R Tavern                                              RA Sushi

So there ya have it, folks … the beginning of your very own Baltimore Bucket List!  You can do all these things in a semester, or spread them out over the course of your college career (or like me, continue checking things off in post-grad life as a Baltimore transplant) – just be sure to soak up as much of Charm City as possible in your time here!

And, as always, check out the rest of the website for all things Baltimore!

Be sure to check a visit to the American Visionary Art Museum off your Baltimore Bucket List this year!

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