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Explorin' & Tourin' Part II

October 16, 2015
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Next stop - Station North!

Now that we’ve covered the fun and fantastic Inner Harbor, it’s time to take a quick trip up 83 to the funky-fresh Station North.   But before I delve into all of the artsy attractions to enjoy, first some background info --- not just a neighborhood, but an entire district, Station North is the creative hub of Charm City and serves as home to Baltimore’s art revitalization.  Adorned with public art projects and magnificent wall murals, Station North includes the Charles North, Greenmount West, and Barclay neighborhoods.   


Station North was officially designated as an Arts & Entertainment District by the state in 2002.  Since then, the region has developed a support network for local artists, interactive public programming, and an 

array of beautiful projects.  Its unique, funky vibe earned it the #3 spot on USA Today’s Top 10 Art Districts List

There’s never a dull moment in Station North, what with the countless concerts, the cinema screenings, the gallery tours, the creative workshops … I could go on and on, but you’ll just have to go out there and experience it for yourself!  Here’s a list of top attractions to help you get started: 

Eat & Shop:

  • Bottega 
    • Hailing originally from Hampden, Bottega has recently moved to Station North where it fits in well with the Foodie community.  The traditionally Tuscan menu changes seasonally and offers simple, fresh, and delicious options.
  • Joe Squared 
    • Get a slice (or rather, a square) of Baltimore’s best pizza!  This award-winning eatery not only boasts irresistible, coal-fired ‘za but also regularly hosts free music and art shows.   Construction is currently underway, and the new Station North location at 33 West North Avenue is coming soon!
  • Lost City DinerLost City Diner
    • Milkshakes and burgers fit for a superhero!  This comic-book themed diner is sure to havesomething for everyone with its extensive menu featuring vegetarian and vegan options. 
  • Station North Arts Café (SNAC) 
    • “Where Food, Music, Art and Shopping Come Together.” Just a block away from Penn Station this little eatery is a perfect pit stop before boarding the train or Bolt Bus home.  Offering a wide variety of lite fare options, it’s an excellent spot for a quick bite – and what’s better, while you’re enjoying your SNAC(k) you can admire the work of local artists!
  • Red Emma’s 
    • A radical bookstore with a quality selection of café treats and vegetarian/vegan eats (try the falafel, it’s delish!).   Red Emma’s also hosts a variety of community events and discussions, check out the full calendar here.

Create & Explore

  • Wind Up Space 
    • With concerts almost every night of the week, the Wind Up Space is one of Baltimore’s most popular music venues.  Go to listen to your favorite band, or go to listen to someone you’venever heard of before, because who knows? they may just end up being the next big thing. 
  • Area 405 
    • An industrial factory turned brewery turned art exhibit and studio space, Area 405 is the spot for Baltimore exhibitors and performers.  Run primarily by volunteers, Area 405 has seen thousands of visitors since its opening in 2003 – you should hop on the bandwagon and check it out for yourself!
  • Metro Gallery
    • Station North is filled with galleries (for a full list of ‘em, click here), but Metro Gallery should definitely be at the top of your list.  It’s a performance space, art gallery, and a bar a all in one!
  • Baltimore Bicycle Works 
    • Whether biking is part of your daily commute, or you just like to hop on two wheels for a nice joy ride every now and then – Baltimore Bike Works can help you with all your cycling needs.  This little shop offers everything from supplies to rentals to just plain friendly advice – it’s a must do for anyone that’s part of Baltimore’s biking community. 
  • The Charles Theater 
    • Offering a variety of foreign films, classics, specialty films, and current Hollywood hits The Charles is unlike any other theater in the city.  And on Sundays, from now until December 13, you can be a part of Cinema Sundays and spend your morning enjoying a bagel, watching a film, and then talking about it afterwards with fellow moviegoers.
  • Baltimore Node 
    • This collaborative environment is stocked with shared tools and equipment and is open 24/7 – so basically any crafter’s dream, right?  If you’re into hacking, creating, or DIY-ing, this is a place for you!  They’ve got the supplies for digital fabrication, woodworking and carpentry, metalworking, and more!
  • Station North Tool Library 
    • Voted Best Resource by City Paper, Station North Tool Library (SNTL) is a sharing community and creative environment where you can enroll in classes to make everything from a spatula to a skateboard
  • Artscape
    • The crown jewel (well, one of them) of Station North is Artscape, an annual festival that features over 150 artists and attracts more than 350,000 guests over the course of three days in July.  A celebration of the visual arts as well as the performing, Artscape is definitely not something to be missed!​

Coming soon!

  • Impact Hub Baltimore 
    • A space to learn, grow, and connect, Impact Hub Baltimore will provide the innovators and entrepreneurs of the city with an open forum to share ideas. 

Station North is constantly revamping and reconstructing its landscape - bringing in new businesses, projects, and exhibits.  The Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Inc. makes staying in the loop easy with the events calendar on their website.  Whenever you’re looking for something to do, whether it’s a random weeknight or a free Saturday you want to fill with activities, Station North always has something fun and interesting goin’ on!

And with that, we conclude the second installation of the Exlorin’ & Tourin Baltimore neighborhood series.  Up next, Mt. Vernon!  

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