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Explorin' & Tourin' Part V

January 27, 2016
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Time for more Charm City exploration!

Welcome back, explorers!  I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing winter break and is excited for the spring semester.  We’re jumping right back into our Baltimore adventure and hitting the next downtown destination.  Get ready for some window-shopping kids; we’re off to Harbor East!

Harbor East is known as Bmore’s fancy pants district (okay, maybe “luxury” district is a better description – but I think “fancy pants” is more fun).  It’s a beautiful location right on the water with stunning modern architecture and high-end shopping.  Even if boutiques like Sassanova and Handbags in the City are a little out of your price range Harbor East is still a great spot to walk around, grab a bite to eat, and pretend you’re part of the high-fashion, red-carpet elite.

First off, let’s talk Harbor East eateries that won’t break the bank.  You’re going to need nourishment to fuel your shopping spree (whether it’s real or if it’s the kind of spree where you just look at everything and purchase absolutely nothing).  And as an added bonus many of the below will be offering special deals during Baltimore Restaurant Week (now extended to February 7 – thanks Jonas!) check out the full list of specials here:


  • Lebanese Taverna – Got a hankering for hummus?  Lebanese Taverna has your fix! With a menu that features plenty of falafel, shwarma, and kabob you’ll feel like you’re dining in the Middle East.
  • RA Sushi – With its daily happy hour specials and its weekend brunch deals RA is the perfect spot for any sushi lover on a budget! 
  • Sweet Green – keep your New Year’s resolution alive with a big bowl of healthy green goodness from Sweet Green.  Relatively new to Baltimore, Sweet Green offers patrons quick and convenient lunch and dinner options that are packed with nutrients and good vibes.
  • Taco Fiesta have you heard of the taco cleanse? Apparently it’s a real thing and Taco Fiesta can supply all the tortilla wrapped tastiness you need to start your new diet off right!
  • Whole Foods more than just a farm fresh grocery store, Whole Foods offers great daily specials and an ever-changing lunch menu with very reasonable prices.

Fancy (aka Date Night) Options - remember people, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

  • Fleet Street Kitchen – voted one of Baltimore Magazine’s 2015 Best Restaurants, Fleet Street Kitchen (or, FKS if you’re hip with the lingo) features locally sourced American cuisine and a menu that is constantly changing to incorporate new, unique flavors. 
  • Fleming’s Steakhouse – as the name implies, this is where you gotta go when you’re craving some fancy filet mignon. 
  • Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion – enjoy excellent seafood, delicious sushi, and creative cocktails (21+, of course) in a swanky atmosphere.

Next Level Dining (as in, buy some lotto tickets and hope for the best before you make your reservations)

  • Ouzo Bay – Opa!  Time to celebrate a nice night out with high-quality Greek cuisine made with only the freshest ingredients. 
  • Charleston – If you’re into awards, accolades, and five-star reviews then Charleston is the place for you!  With such distinctions as Forbes Four Star Restaurant and The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences Star Diamond Award Charleston boasts an outstanding menu that is sure to please even the foodiest of foodies.
  • Cinghiale Sports coats and Sommeliers, that’s what you’ll find at this extravagant Italian eatery.  Cinghiale (which means “wild boar” in Italian, btw) offers a menu that changes seasonally, and sometimes even nightly – woah!

Now, to take a little shopping tour of this twelve block oasis of splurging opportunities.  Can you say retail therapy!?


  • Anthropologie – knick-knacks for your dorm ✔, shoes & accessories ✔, stylish clothes ✔, beauty products ✔, sale room  ✔,  - Anthro has it all!
  • J. Crew – preppy prepsters rejoice! J. Crew has all the tweed, corduroy, and khaki you could ever want. 
  • Lululemon Athletica – looking good during your workout is half the battle, right? Head to Lululemon for the latest and greatest fitness fashion.
  • Madewell - Looking for classic styles you can wear now and forever? Want clothes that are, for lack of a better expression, made well?  If so, get your fashion fix at Madewell.
  • South Moon Under - Ready to dress, accessorize, and inspire your gypsy soul?  South Moon Under is the answer to your whimsical #fashiongoals.
  • Under Armour – a Baltimore original! UA’s Harbor East location is gigantic and has a lovely location right on the water – so my thinking is if you go for a run (…or a jog … or a walk!) around the Harbor before/after your shopping excursion you can totally justify the purchase of some new gear!

After a day full of excellent shopping and a nice meal (or two? Lunch and dinner …  why not?) you can head to Landmark Harbor East Theater for a relaxing night at the cinema.  And might I add, there is a full bar right there in the theater, so for all my 21 and over friends, the option is there (just sayin’)!  Hop of the Collegetown Shuttle to Penn Station then catch the Charm City Circulator to Harbor East for an easy transportation option without the hassle (and expense) of parking downtown.

There ya have it folks, Harbor East in a nutshell! Next up on our wonderful tour on Baltimore is Harbor East’s swashbuckling neighbor, Fell’s Point!

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