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Wait, what? Spring Break is only one week?!

March 11, 2015
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Five other Spring Break Options for Those of Us Not Going to Panama City.


Let’s just face it, not everyone can- or wants to go to Panama City or Cancun for Spring Break.

If you’re a college student who’s like me, you’re busy. So that means you haven’t made any big spring break plans in time and let’s just say you are often low on funds. As much as we would love to go to P.C or Cancun like the Spring Breakers on TV, that’s just not a reality for us right now. So instead, let’s consider other options that won’t cost a fortune but will still be valuable in our hearts forever.

5.  Spend Time with your Loved Ones

                Spring Break gives us just enough time to breathe and put our heads at ease for a few days. As college students, we can get so wrapped up with class, homework and studying, work, and our personal lives that we don’t have enough time to spend with our loved ones. Take some time out this week to go visit your grandparents (that you know you don’t call enough). Call up a couple friends that you haven’t seen since last summer break. Take your parents out to eat (or have them take you out *wink-wink); by the way, students voted Parks Landing the best place to go when Mom and Dad are in town! Use this Spring Break to reconnect with those you may have been unintentionally neglecting just to show them you still care.

4. Take a mini Road Trip

                Gas prices are down, not as low as they could be, but lower than they have been in a while, so take advantage! Take a day/night trip to Ocean City or Rehoboth Beach. True, it isn’t hot enough to actually swim, but imagine how relaxing it would be to lounge in the sand all day. Or if you’re more into the city-life, catch the affordable MARC train to Union Station in D.C. Hop on the metro to visit one or more of the free Smithsonian Institutions. Then when the sun goes down, head to Adams Morgan or U-Street for the exciting nightlife, (if you’re 21 or older, of course!). 

3. Exercise Your Mind

                The great thing about Spring Break is it’s a whole week! But the downside is… it’s only a week. That means much sooner than later, we’ll be right back into the books and stress of college.  So, we don’t want to relax too much (let’s save that for Summer Break!) Take this time out to keep those brain muscles in shape, a fun way. Play an intelligential game like Scrabble, chess, or my favorites UNO and Apples to Apples! Commit to finishing that really interesting book you started during Winter Break. Take it over to Red Emma’s or your favorite coffee shop and lounge there for an afternoon or three. Or, (and this is only if you feel like it), catch up on some school assignments; you know how those deadlines can sneak up on you!

Okay, you're right. Let's not speak of that.

2. The Real Alternative to Spring Break

                Reflect on how good you have it (we college students can be a little bratty at times) by volunteering to help those who aren’t as fortunate. United Way of Central Maryland and Break A Difference are presenting this wonderful opportunity for students who are interested in spending their break helping others at community kitchens, homeless shelters and more to support United Way’s housing, financial stability, and healthy food programs. For more information, click here.

1.  Just Chillllllll

                Take this time out to do, well…nothing. That means catch up on your sleep. Get back to binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Stay up all night and then sleep in the next morning. And most importantly, give your phone a rest. We all have been victims of social media addiction. As much as our inner souls desire to know what Beyonce is wearing or what Kanye’s going to say next, let’s take a hiatus and spend a little time in our own realities. 



Take care,

Nekia Hampton

University of Baltimore, Class of 2015


P.S. Whatever you decide to do make sure to be safe and have fun, because we all know it'll be over in the blink of an eye.

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