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My Light City Experience

April 14, 2016
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Loyola University senior and guest blogger, Rachel, writes about Light City.

Light City took place last week in Baltimore.

This week-long festival of art, lights, and innovation included live performances, tons of public art and light installations, and opportunities for the community to learn more about local art, music, architecture, and initiatives taking place in our city.

This is the kind of festival that puts the “charm” in Charm City.

My first stop on the Light City tour was the neighborhood of Hampden…

I visited with my friends Kath and Meg, and we explored the mini version of Light City that Hampden put on. It was full of lights and interesting art and cool people, such as this man dressed up as an astronaut.

There was an awesome dome of light that you could go inside and explore the lights and shadows created. It was very cool.

Kath in front of the dome of light. 
Kath in front of the dome of light.

Left to Right, Meg, me, and Kath in shadows.

My second stop, later that week, was to experience the full-blown festival in the Inner Harbor. It was amazing!

We went on the Ferris wheel…

The view from the top of the Ferris wheel was amazing!

Definitely one of the coolest festivals I've been to in Baltimore. And it was unique in that it brought us back to a childish place that was playful and intriguing.

We explored the art and music that was everywhere and truly experienced the magic that was hundreds of thousands of people gathering to take it all in.

This was an interactive display where participants could dance with illuminated umbrellas.

Christian and Alex with one of the light displays.

Light City was a great time, we all had so much fun exploring and seeing Baltimore in a new way. This festival is only going to get better as the years go on, and I am eager to see the types of conferences and other exhibits that are part of the lineup in 2017.

Recap: Light City is a must-see, must-do experience in Baltimore.

- Rachel Stoczko, Loyola University Maryland, 2016


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