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The Newman Civic Fellows Award

April 18, 2016
  • Collegetown Programs
Jessie Dierdorff, Loyola University Maryland, LeaderShape Class Six Graduate

Three Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape graduates received the Newman Civic Fellows award presented by Campus Compact. Eric Baker (Class Six), Sonce Reese (Class Six) and Samantha Yates (Class Five) were all recognized for their service and leadership last week.

The Newman Civic Fellows award is a prestigious award named after Frank Newman, a leader who devoted his life to community service, advocacy and the fulfillment of his vision: creating systematic change for the development of a better future.  He believed education provided the most opportunities to pursue advocacy and to offer opportunities for students to work towards creating a more peaceful and just world. For that reason, the Newman Civic Fellows awards recognize students who take executive action to demonstrate their passion for community service and leadership.

Meet the Recipients:  

Samantha Yates is an English major in her junior year at McDaniel college. Samantha, originally from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, has been recognized as a recipient of this award for her dedication to community service, social justice and volunteering. Samantha is a Class Five graduate of the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program, where she was given the opportunity to pursue her vision and interact with students from fourteen other participating colleges and universities in the network. Samantha is an extraordinary leader both in the Baltimore community and her campus community. She works in McDaniel’s Center for Experience and Opportunity (CEO), the Office of Student Engagement, holds a position as Treasurer and President-Elect of Green Terror Productions and holds a position as a writing intern for Phi Beta Kappa  Society’s The Key Reporter publications. 

Samantha's Vision

Press Release



Sonce Reese is currently a graduate student in the Global Affairs and Human Security program at the University of Baltimore. She is a recent Class Six graduate of the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program. Sonce is working “to create affordable housing opportunities and healthy communities by filling vacant/empty homes in Baltimore City.” Through her spirit, her passion and her constant dedication to the fulfillment of her vision, Sonce was nominated by Kurt Schmoke, the President of the University of Baltimore, to be a recipient of this award.

Sonce's Profile

Press Release

Eric Baker is currently a sophomore at Loyola University Maryland. Eric, a commuter student from Baltimore, Maryland, has been recognized as a recipient of this award for his dedication to community service and social justice. Eric is an active leader advocating for racial justice, violence prevention and community building. Eric has recently participated in the 300 Men March following the uprising and social injustice regarding the death of Freddie Gray. When nominated by Father Brian Linnane, President of Loyola University Maryland, he had this to say about Eric: “Eric is a hopeful, humble, compassionate, and grounded leader who will continue to dedicate himself to ending issues of racism and violence by organizing, inspiring, and supporting Baltimore's youth to create change in our city.”

Eric's Profile

Press Release


Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape is proud to recognize these three recent graduates of the nationwide LeaderShape Institute. Congratulations to the recipients on receiving an honorable award!

Three recent graduates from the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program receive the Newman Civic Fellows Award

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