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Collegetown Shuttle Announcement

August 10, 2017

Collegetown Shuttle Riders-

We've got some great news- this year we have new tracking, new routes, and new timetables all starting Monday, August 28. 

TransLoc- New Bus Tracking System

We are now partnering with TransLoc, a new bus tracking company, to bring you the TransLoc Rider app so you can track your bus in real time. The app includes features like favorite routes, favorite stops, and notifications so you can set an alert when your bus is 5, 10, or 15 minutes away! Plus, we can send service changes and route information directly to the app inbox, so you’ll know if anything is affecting your ride. Bookmark our real-time shuttle map, visit or download the TransLoc Rider app to have the latest information!

Blue Route Extension

Now the Blue route travels directly to Towson Place Shopping Center. Take the shuttle from Towson Town Center (northbound) to Towson Place to get to Target, Wal-Mart, Weis supermarket, Marshall’s, Staples, and more! To view the new routing on the Blue route see our map on the Collegetown Shuttle page.

Schedule Changes

Most of our routes will have new timetables starting Monday, August 28 that reflect schedule changes, added or discontinued trips, and trip time adjustments. New schedule information is available on the Collegetown Shuttle schedule pages.

To learn more about the Collegetown Shuttle, visit our FAQ page. For questions about our service, schedules, routes, and more reach out through our shuttle feedback form.

Enjoy the ride! 

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