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Through our year-long civic leadership program, Collegetown LeaderShape, you’ll learn how you can create social change, and receive support as you develop projects, programs, and internships that make a difference, enhance your leadership skills, and deepen your connection with the inspiring community where you live and study.

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"Collegetown LeaderShape gave me the opportunity to share and collaborate on visions with an amazing group of individuals."

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Jase Swartz, Class Six
McDaniel College
Vision: My vision is to help connect people to the green spaces around them, as well as to help expand the amount andn quality of clean & green areas. I hope to help foster healthier and happier, people and communities by helping them gain access to beautiful places. By encouraging, enabling, and empowering youth across America, I want to encourage them to creatively and healthily express themselves through "green art," made of recycled, reused trash in their communities. Thereby cleaning, green, and beautifying our nation.

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