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About the Program

About the Program 

Just 30 students will be selected to participate in a focused, immersive opportunity to learn about Baltimore outside the classroom. In four days, you will deepen your connection with the inspiring community where you live and study. 

Program Schedule, June 1 - 4, 2017:

Thursday, June 1 - Day One: Orientation
exploring self-identity, team building, and learning about the area of focus

Friday, June 2 - Day Two: Education
listening to and engaging with community organizations

Saturday, June 3 - Day Three: Action
volunteering with community organizations

Sunday, June 4 - Day Four: Reflection
staying in action and becoming an advocate

Program Goals

By participating in Collegetown Underground, students will be able to:

  • Understand the perspective of others
  • Understand issues in Baltimore and develop an appreciation for Baltimore and those issues
  • Understand the reciprocal nature of service
  • Understand how to use their skills to create positive social change in their communities
  • Integrate authentically with community agencies

East Baltimore Focus

Collegetown Underground: East Baltimore will focus on how community development is influenced by anchor institutions, ethnic and cultural groups, and nonprofit organizations. We look forward to partnering with communities around the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, Patterson Park, and Southeast Baltimore.

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