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A New Page: 2017 Baltimore Book Festival

October 10, 2017
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Student Ambassador Alyssa Maher's review of the Baltimore Book Festival

Say What?!

Books and fun in the same sentence? I know, never thought I’d hear that either. The Baltimore Book Festival was a first for me and it was a great experience. From live music to poetry out loud there were so many things that were going on and I didn’t know where to go first! I figured let’s start at the beginning.

And So It Began…

This was my first festival in one of Maryland’s highest populated areas and I didn’t know what to expect. When I walked in I saw a sea of people and wasn’t prepared for it. There were people all around, and while I knew the Inner Harbor would be crowded I did not expect to see such a big presence there. Coming from Jersey, we don’t have things like book festivals; we have things like county fairs and wine festivals. Hearing about this book festival sparked my interest because it was something different for me to experience, and let’s be honest who can resist the beauty of the Inner Harbor?

The Baltimore Book Festival 2017

After the entrance sign to the festival there were a million and one different things to check out. There were so many different tables of different authors and genres of books; there was live music, food, poetry readings and author discussions. The whole stretch of the Inner Harbor consisted of numerous tables of authors and their books. As you continued down towards the middle of that stretch, there were segments from authors about their books. There were also many kids playing on the lawn and watching the boats pass along the harbor. Of course it wouldn’t be a festival without food and drinks right?! There were many different food vendors there such as Zeeke’s Coffee and Philly’s Pretzels, along with many others. Towards the end of the stretch began many more genres of books at tables with their authors for signing and information on their books themselves. It was really cool being able to go 20 minutes away and meet all these authors and hear their reasoning behind what they wrote and why they wrote it.

Inspiration Beyond the Paper

One of the tents that caught my attention was the poetry one. A man got up on stage and began to read his poetry, but this wasn’t just any ordinary poem. The voice and powerful words of this man is what got my and most of everyone else’s attention. His words consisted of offensive language, but that is what made him stand out and be different. He took a risk and went outside the box to capture the people’s attention, and make his words powerful and worth hearing. The way he toned his voice just made it all the more powerful. Even though he used some vulgar language he inspired me to use writing as an outlet and let my voice be heard; to not care about the use of vulgar or offensive language because it’s better to have people actually hear me rather than just listen to me. This to me is a powerful message and I hope that he inspired others with it too because everyone deserves to have their voice heard. I hope to one day have the courage to inspire others to be heard and not just listened too.

Another Chapter Closing

Well that’s a wrap! The Baltimore Book Festival of 2017 has officially ended as of Sunday September 24. This festival isn’t just for book lovers. There is a lot more to do than just meet authors and look at their books. There is live music, food, drinks, and just fun family time! The festival definitely brought a lot of families out and gave them something fun to do with their day. It’s free entrance so why not see what it’s all about, right?! Well until next year, this year’s chapter is officially closed! Time to get caught up for next year’s authors! Happy reading!

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