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A Walk Through the Lights

April 25, 2018
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Student Ambassador, Timmy Farrell, explores Light City.

Last week, I was able to attend Light City in Baltimore, which is a festival of arts, music, and culture that showcases Baltimore’s energy. I decided to go alone to take some “Timmy Time” as I like to call it, and have a peaceful walk through the harbor! It turned out to be a very relaxing night and I am very glad that I went.

I arrived right around 7:00 PM as it was about to start getting dark. The first thing that I noticed was the view of the water right down on the harbor. The water was such a beautiful sight in how crisp and clear it was. I immediately felt at peace right there.

After that, I started to walk along the festival and see what they had in store for me this year. The first exhibit I ran into included this spinning three sided mirrors that had lights shining through them from the inside. It was very popular and there were so many kids spinning around on the mirrors. I was finally able to get up close to one and it was so cool. I was able to take a picture and it is my favorite one. I just felt so rad! J


After that, I just kept walking all around and saw all the cool sights!

Here was the official sign:

Then I had to lean on my survival skills when I ran into an octopus!

Then I ran into some ducks, which I heard was a UMBC exhibit!!

All around the festival, people were getting bike rides too!

If only I had gotten a ride! There is always next time though.

I finished out my night by walking through this awesome lit up walkway.

A classic Timmy expression if I say so myself!

The experience was so immersive and it brought people from all around it together.  I have been a couple years in a row now and this year was really great! It was such a peaceful evening and I am so glad that I went.  It was the type of experience that made you forget everything else for a couple of hours.  I was so thankful for that as I have been quite stressed lately with my semester wrapping up. A night well spent if I say so myself.

Take care of yourself,

-Timmy Farrell
Student Ambassador

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