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Adventures of Quarantine

April 1, 2020
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Check out our list of fun activities that you can enjoy during quarantine!

I know all of us were hoping to spend our spring breaks somewhere fun and come back to enjoy all the springtime campus activities upon our return, but those plans got cut short very quickly due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Spring break is officially over, we are now in quarantine, and classes have resumed remotely! Although I enjoy being able to stay in my abode and learn from my bed, I am definitely beginning to miss being able to travel around Baltimore freely.

Quarantine is definitely increasing my boredom and causing me to become restless as I’m trapped in the house, like many of you. In addition to being bored at home, I’m also overwhelmed with learning online. So, I thought of a list of activities to help perk up my quarantine mood.  If you are experiencing the same feelings, keep reading for ways that you can ease your mind and engage in some entertainment while working or learning from home!

Before jumping into at-home entertainment, I’d like to explain what social distancing is and why it’s so very necessary during the quarantine. Social distancing is simply keeping a physical distance between you and others, who you are not already quarantining with, of at least 6 feet. The purpose of this distancing is to reduce the likelihood of spreading a disease, or in this case, spreading COVID-19. When you are in close proximity to others, you run the risk of not only catching a disease but spreading it as well. 

To create your fun during this time of social distancing, I have listed some cool activities to participate in below!

  • Participate in some fun TikTok dance videos.

  • If you’re quarantined with others - have a game night!

  • Watch a movie on Netflix with friends virtually using Netflix Party!

  • Start a new tv show or series like On My Block, Criminal Minds, or That’s So Raven (which are a few that I’m bingeing right now).

  • Play some video games such as Sims or Fortnite, they're some of my favorites.

  • Join in on fun social media challenges such as the push up challenge like Daniel MacPherson or the flip the switch like J. Lo

These ventures have been making quarantine more enjoyable for me, and even though my dancing is terrible, I’ve had a ton of fun making dance videos. In my downtime, I have also participated in some social media challenges. Quarantining is not my favorite thing to do, but engaging in some fun definitely made things better. I hope these activities do the same for you!

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