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#BaltimoreLookBook: Meet Declan

February 2, 2022
  • Life in Baltimore
  • Arts/Music
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Declan is featured in our Inspiring Arts #BaltimoreLookBook section.

"The best part of Baltimore is the ability to get involved and make change," 

says Declan. He's an undergraduate at Maryland Institute of College Art (MICA) studying Animation Design. Declan radiates as he speaks on his immersion in activism and community organizing in Baltimore.

In his time at MICA, he's been a community organizer and activist through his art, creating educational materials and holding community organizing workshops. He recently volunteered with Franca Muller Paz, campaigning and providing voter support. Declan has appreciated conversing with Baltimore locals through working at polls, familiarizing himself with various community concerns and learning about the city.

As he led us through murals and sampled his printmaking, Declan was beaming with love for Baltimore-- its art scene and openness to become involved. 

"It's when you discover [its] secrets that you fall in love with Baltimore." -Declan McKenna

Check out Declan's Inspiring Arts feature in our Baltimore Look Book and watch his video on our YouTube channel. 

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