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Beautiful Lights, Beautiful People

April 25, 2018
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Student Ambassador, Ashley Masucci, shares her Light City experience.

Being from out of state, this weekend on Saturday, was my first time experiencing Light City in Baltimore. The weather was perfect for the opening night and the crowd was jumping. When my friends and I arrived, our first mission was the most important mission: find food. Throughout the Harbor, there were tents set up to grab a drink or a bite to eat. Turns out, everyone had the same idea as us and we had to wait in some lines. We settled for some classic BBQ from Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ, which I recommend the pulled pork with their own sauce on it, to give it an extra kick. There were tons of different options for everyone within the same tent, from different ethnic foods like fried plantains, Haitian style food, to the chicken and waffles.

Next stop: the lights! We focused more so on the Visitor Center and Federal Hill side of the Inner Harbor. Walking that way, we ran into huge crowds gathered around the stage where local artists performed throughout the night. One of the first art stops we made was actually a walk through “exhibit.” There were images on the ground as you walked, and the different lights, which changed color, made you feel like the shapes and images were moving.

Once we reached the exit of the walk through exhibit, we realized we were near the ferris wheel and what better location to take some photos and take in the festival. Below, is a photo of my roommate:

As we walked closer towards Federal Hill, there were even more fun exhibits. They had prisms that lit up in different colors and spun around. It was a huge hit for kids and apparently us college kids.


The night ended at probably the best part of the festival, in my personal opinion. We were right at the bottom of Federal Hill where we found more food tents full of candy and crepes. We then found a pavilion with a live DJ, lights flashing, and people dancing. My friends and I joined the crowd, and danced the night away at the outdoor Light City club that they had set up. All in all, my very first Light City Festival experience was a success. Seeing the beautiful lights and people of Baltimore come together was one of my favorite things.

- Ashley Masucci
Student Ambassador 
Towson University

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