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Don't Let COVID Keep You from Staying Connected this Fall

September 23, 2020
  • Life in Baltimore
  • Students 101
Collegetown’s new intern Anna shares how they are staying connected during COVID as online classes begin for many of Baltimore’s college students.


How has COVID life been like for you?

The past few months, I have been focusing on learning new skills that I’ve not had the free time to do while being in school at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I’m a junior majoring in Architectural Design, so I took some time to learn more crafty skills like crocheting and knitting. I also joined a virtual quilt group, which is a collaboration between MICA’s Quilt Club and the African American Quilters of Baltimore. We each sew the squares individually then mail them to one person who sews the whole quilt together, and then we raffle off the quilts and donate the money. You can see the squares I made as well as the finished quilt below! If you and your friends have an activity you like to do together, don’t let the pandemic stop you from continuing those connections online! Additionally, if you have a cause you believe in and want to donate money to, using your skills to raffle off something you made is a great way to help others  during this difficult time.



What are you looking forward to most for Fall 2020?

Since virtual college classes have begun for me again, I am looking forward to seeing my classmates and finding out new ways to connect with them online or through an outdoor, socially-distanced, masked hangout! I love the cool fall weather in Baltimore, and some of my favorite spots to sit and draw or meet up with a few pals are at the park benches near the Baltimore Washington Monument, or a lesser known spot called Rutter’s Mill Park near me in Bolton Hill.



How are you staying engaged in campus life/Baltimore even though you’re remote?

I have been staying connected with other students through our campus’s Discord server, which is a free online platform and app for messaging, voice calling, gaming, and more. On Discord, you can create different channels for discussion topics, like upcoming virtual events, club activities, art critiques, etc. It’s also a good platform for watching movies or shows with your friends! I encourage you to explore the platforms your campus uses to stay connected, or plug in to your campus’s social media accounts!


What’s helping you most during this crazy time?

Even though I am not going outside and exploring Baltimore nearly as much as I would be normally, what has helped me not go stir crazy inside my apartment is keeping up my wellness routines. I am an avid tea drinker, and so taking a break to do a little something for myself like making a nice, warm mug of tea (or whicher hot drink you prefer!) presses the “reset” button on a stressful day. You might find that a 15 minute yoga, meditation, or cardio practice is exactly what you need to keep yourself calm during this time. Check out BCN’s COVID-19 Resource Page or your college’s wellness resources and find what works best for you!


Why did you decide to apply for the BCN internship?

Before moving to Baltimore two years ago from near St. Louis, Missouri, I had never actually lived in a city. I was so excited about making that life transition, exploring Baltimore, and putting down roots in a great city. As a college freshman at MICA, Collegetown’s Baltimore Look Book was a fantastic guide for me to get to know the city. Now as a junior at MICA, I applied for the BCN internship because I want to help show college students that Baltimore really is a college town full of opportunities and living here really does make your college experience truly amazing.


Written by Anna Brackett, MICA Architectural Design '22

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