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End of the Year Review

May 4, 2021
  • Students 101
Hear from Collegetown intern, Ava Kemp ‘22 as she describes her internship experience and prepares for her senior year at Goucher College.

I am excited to start my senior year (which will hopefully be in person) and am ready to be back in the classroom surrounded by my friends. I am looking forward to continuing to explore Baltimore and become more involved in the city. Being away from Baltimore made me realize just how much I missed the city.

This blog post marks the end of my year interning with Baltimore Collegetown Network and not only did I learn professional skills, but also gained experience working in  higher education. I was able to make incredible connections with a vast number of people and learned more about the culture and life in Baltimore. I researched start-ups in Baltimore and was able to find companies that aligned with what I envision my future to look like. I was able to find new hot spots and restaurants that I have since added to my Baltimore bucket list.These are places  that I have learned, read, or researched about since starting my internship during COVID. 

I also wanted to share some advice about virtual internships now that I have completed one year with the Baltimore Collegetown team . While the experience may be a little different, there are still things that you can do to gain the most from your  experience. Ask questions to establish relationships with your advisor and team. Not only are they your support system but they also hold a wealth of knowledge. They are there for you, so use them to gain advice for your future. They may connect you to members in the community or provide you resources.

I want to thank the Baltimore Collegetown for an incredible experience interning with them. I want to encourage you all to take advantage of the resources that the Collegetown has put together for you - from the shuttle to the resources on the website. I hope to see you all in person in the fall!


Signing off, stay safe!

Ava Kemp


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