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Lighting Up the City with Light City

April 27, 2018
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Student Ambassador, Candace Jones, discusses Light City.

As a college student, I’m always looking for fun things to do for free with my friends. This year, I was finally able to go to Light City with my friend and sister. We got there a little early, while it was still light out, but we were able to see many of the light art and sculptures.

One of the things that surprised me about Light City was that the pieces were created by people from all over the world. From Montreal, the United Kingdom, and back to Baltimore, it was great to see how all these art pieces from around the world complimented each other.

My favorite attraction would have to be Sun Stomp. It was late, and we were just about to leave, but my friend noticed it and we decided to check it out. Sun Stomp is a solar powered light and interactive audio-visual environment. To explain it in the most basic terms, people would stomp on bleachers, and the stomping would make the “sun” produce visuals and sounds. For a better explanation, you can go to

Light City is a fun, free way to spend time with family and friends. It was great seeing local art from Baltimore, and from other parts of the world. If you missed it this year, there’s always next!


-Candace Jones
Student Ambassador
Towson University


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