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My Future in Baltimore

March 8, 2021
  • Life in Baltimore
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Ava, a student intern from Goucher College shares her plans for her future after graduation.

I went to Goucher College not knowing what to study, let alone know what I wanted my career to be. Because Goucher is a liberal arts college, I was able to take a multitude of classes before declaring my major (which I have since changed twice). I took religion, dance, mindful writing, fashion courses and so many more. I thought I would major in business, though I have recently declared a major in visual & material culture with a minor in business and sociology.

One thing that helped to  narrow down which major to choose was scheduling an appointment with Goucher’s career education office. This was a great place to start, where I met with an advisor who walked me through what I enjoyed as a way to narrow down my list of majors. I highly recommend using the resources you have on your campus - whether that be academic coaches, mentors, or just professors you admire.

Baltimore really is a large college town. Within the Baltimore Collegetown Network are 13 colleges which creates an amazing consortium of opportunities. Through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program, students are allowed to take courses from a number of other colleges and universities in the area. This allowed me to participate in the Collegetown Fellowship. To learn more about my experience with the program check out my blog. I plan to use next year to take courses at another university to create new connections and learn things from a different perspective. I have friends who have taken Mandarin and American Sign Language at Towson. These courses are often not available at a smaller school like Goucher.

Being in a big city like Baltimore allows for endless opportunities. The town is FULL of young professionals in every niche of a job or  start up programs that fund your ideas. What more could a post- grad ask for? Baltimore has taught me so much and though I don’t know where my future may lead me, I do know that I have a much clearer perspective of where my passions lie.

Post-graduation, I am looking at multiple options and not closing any doors on my future.Whether that be Goucher’s new 4+1 program with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, BaltimoreCorps, or another grad program in design for social impact, Baltimore has everything I need. This is a place where I feel supported; a place where I can make my future.



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