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Taco Festival!!

October 26, 2017
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Student Ambassador Mira Coffey's Review of the Baltimore Taco Festival


I’ve never been to a food festival before, and for someone who has pretty much worshipped food since I was old enough to chew, this seemed like a problem that needed to be fixed, and soon. Ever since I got to college I was on the lookout for my next victim. There were possibilities here and there but something always came up. One of my friends was always busy, the dates would be mixed up or I’d get a lot of homework dumped on me just the day before. But then it happened, I saw the event for the “Baltimore Taco Festival” on Facebook and let’s just say it was love at first sight. I made sure to keep this event on my radar as time progressed. However after a couple of weeks it looked like it was going to soon face the same fate as the food festivals before it. That’s when I got an unexpected call from my friend asking if she could come visit me during her fall break, and just like that a lightbulb went off in my head and everything fell into place. It’s not everyday that someone from Vermont schelps all the way to Maryland to visit me, so I wanted to make sure I showed her a good time and the Baltimore Taco Festival became the perfect place to do so.


After a month of waiting it was finally the day. We Ubered to Baltimore’s Power Plant Live! and rushed to get our taco tickets. There was so much going on I didn’t know where to start, so we walked around and tried to take in the environment. I was shocked to see how many people could fit into such a condensed space, and even more surprised to see how many different variations of taco themed clothing people had. There were over 20 taco vendors there all from the local area's best restaurants. Every taco vender looked more delicious and mouth watering than the last, so we decided to pick a random one to eliminate the stress of picking. The lines were long but there was plenty going on around us to distract us from the wait. Like the hot pepper eating contest that happened right in front of us. I gotta say I’m not someone who is shy of heat, in fact I prefer it, so when I heard about the competition I briefly thought about joining it. Once the competition started and I saw the contestants struggling to eat a jalapeño pepper as big as their palm I had to look away.


In addition to the hot pepper eating contest there was live music to help liven the mood. The festival had traditional and authentic mariachi bands performing to help teleport you to Mexico. I’ve never seen a Mariachi band before so it was a lot of fun to watch while eating delicious tacos. The festival also had a nacho bar and tequila and margarita tastings that I unfortunately didn’t take part in, but from what I saw from other people it looked like they were also a big hit.

In the end I had to be stopped as I was informed that I had eaten over 7 tacos. I couldn’t have asked for a better first food festival experience. I will fondly remember this day forever. Happy eating, everyone!

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