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The Baltimore Collegetown Bucket List

September 25, 2019
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All the things you should do in Baltimore before you graduate in May!

One of the reasons I chose to come to college in Baltimore was because of what a lively, up-and- coming city it is. It has always felt homey, not overwhelming like a huge city like New York, but I never felt suffocated by lack of things to do. As I am entering in my senior year, I find myself asking “Have I made the most of these last few years?” To be frank, while I’ve really found myself in Baltimore, there’s still SO much I want to do before I graduate in May. If you’re graduating with me, let’s do this together and if you still have a few years…get started sooner rather than later because Baltimore offers so much more than what is on this list!

Here are 10 of my must-dos in Baltimore:

Try all of the local Baltimore snacks

My personal favorite, Berger Cookies, are shortbread cookies with a thick layer of chocolate fudge. Otterbeins are basically the opposite of Berger Cookies, thin and crispy cookies coming in flavors ranging from chocolate chip to sugar to ginger. Another Baltimore classic is called a Lemon Stick, which similar to a peppermint stick or candy cane but has lemon oil and is typically served in half of a lemon.

Watch the sunset over the Inner Harbor (Sandlot, Fells Point, Fed Hill)

I’m a big sunset gal. I often forget because I get so wrapped up in my routine but Baltimore has some beautiful sunsets. Some of my favorite sunset watching spots are lounging in the sand at Sandlot, sitting by the water in Fells Point, or perched up on Federal Hill.

See a Broadway show at the Hippodrome

No need to drive three hours to New York City to see a Broadway Musical. The Hippodrome Theatre in Downtown Baltimore houses all of the Broadway Series musicals as well as some other plays throughout the year. This season includes: The Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, Wicked, and Dear Evan Hansen.

Visit all the museums

Baltimore has amazing art museums. The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) and Walters Art Museum are always free and a great rainy day activity. The American Visionary Art Museum in Federal Hill is one of my favorite places to get lost in and has one of my favorite gift shops. It also has a student discount!

Day trip to Annapolis

Baltimore is great, we know how much I love it, but one of the best things about Baltimore is its proximity to various historical cities. Annapolis is only an hour away and houses the Naval Academy, Annapolis Harbor, and great seafood and shopping.

Pirate cruise on the Inner Harbor

This is a fun thing that my friends and I have been wanting to do since first coming to Baltimore. Since the first time I visited the Inner Harbor, the pirate ships caught my eye and I’ve thought sailing on the “sea” (aka Inner Harbor) with my friends would be a great Fall or Spring activity.

Catch at movie at the Senator (and dinner at Clark Burger)

The Senator Theatre is a Baltimore gem that plays current box-office hits and smaller independent films. It’s located on York Road right next to Clark Burger, one of my favorite burger joints in the city (the fries are incredible as well.) Take yourself or friends out on a Friday night for dinner and a movie!

Instagram photoshoot at Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley is one of those things that I’ve seen everyone post about but I have actually never been. As an Instagram aficionado, it’s definitely one of the places I want to go most in Baltimore. If you’re into graffiti or just want some new IG content, Graffiti Alley is where to go.

Duckpin Bowling at Patterson Bowling Center or Stoneleigh Lanes

This is another Baltimore classic activity that not too many people know about, duckpin bowling is essentially bowling with a grapefruit sized ball and duckpins which look like the bowling pin’s younger cousin. It’s a similar concept to bowling just with different equipment used.

Walk around Patterson Park and try one of the many ice cream flavors at Bmore Licks

Patterson Park is one of the many parks in Baltimore. It’s great to walk around when the leaves are changing and weather is cooling down but if you’re there during the humid summer months, check out Bmore Licks, an ice cream shop with I’d say over 50 flavors of both soft serve and hard scoop and vegan ice cream. YUM!


What’s on your Baltimore bucket list? Let me know and I’ll add it to mine!

Until next time,


Marketing and Events Intern

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