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The Best Study Spots in Baltimore

November 20, 2019
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A round up of the best study spots in Baltimore, just in time for finals!

By senior year of college, you’re likely to figure out what works for you while studying and what doesn’t. For me, I hate being in the library and I can’t stay motivated studying in my room. I like to be some place cozy, not too stuffy, and usually somewhere with good food to keep my spirits high. I’m grateful to be going to college in Baltimore because of its vast amount of cozy coffee shops and study spots throughout the city.

Finals season, unfortunately, is right around the corner which means it’s time to grind and finish the semester on a strong note. For me, studying in a place outside of my normal routine is a way to incorporate a little of fun into the misery of finals and also a change of scenery is crucial for my focus.

Here are some of my favorite study spots around the city (more than just cozy coffee shops):

Bird in Hand (11 E 33rd St)

One of my favorite coffee shops nestled in the John Hopkins corridor. Bird in Hand is half coffee shop, half bookstore which is great for when you need to read something other than academic papers. Bird in Hand is a part of the Woodberry Kitchen family and if you like it’s vibe, Artifact Coffee is a great café with similar atmosphere, drinks, and food.

The George Peabody Library (17 E Mt Vernon Pl)

If you haven’t been to the Peabody Library, you HAVE to go. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Baltimore, in my humble opinion, and if a great place to study for hours on end. The high ceiling and endless shelves of books makes for an elevated library experience. If you’re looking to grab something to eat while you’re in Mt. Vernon, Dooby’s is a great options for hearty and healthy brain food.

Dovecote Café (2501 Madison Ave)

Dovecote is a café that has been on my list to visit for years. It’s colorful and playful interior screams inspiration and breathes life into the often soul sucking task of studying. I’ve heard the food at Dovecote is delicious and the baked goods are not to be skipped. For a cozy, colorful study spot, this is your best bet.

R. House (301 W 29th St)

R. House really has it all. Most people just go for dinner in the evening but it is one of my favorite spots during the day on weekdays. Sit at the bar, find a booth, or even one of the couches and post up for the afternoon. I like to get there in the morning and grab a matcha from Ground & Griddled, get lunch from either Arba or Stall 11, and then end the afternoon with a baby scoop of Lil Baby’s Ice Cream. And study in between, of course. I’m definitely the studier who puts M&Ms at the end of each paragraph to reward myself for making it that far.

Central branch of the Enoch Pratt Library (400 Cathedral St)

Another place that I’ve heard great things about is the main brand of the Enoch Pratt Library. I always seem to forget about the idea of public libraries but they are a great change of scenery and often don’t get as filled as our school libraries might. Word on the street is that this branch library has study rooms and tons of nooks and crannies to nestle in to study all day.

Just because it’s finals season doesn’t mean your life has to suck. Be sure to take some time to give yourself some TLC (aka all the self-care). Hopefully this list will freshen up your study routine and help the studying go by a bit quicker.

Happy holidays, my friends!


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