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"Schools talk about diversity a lot, but this campus is actually diverse, and people feel like they belong here. Everyone is so nice -- they want to be better and they want to help you be better."
Hania Moro
Financial Economics

Hania's Story

“When people say their team is a family, not everyone means it, but it’s true for our team. No one gets sick of anyone. We’re not just teammates, we’re friends. Everyone cares about everyone.” ~Hania Moro

Hania Moro’s college experience is all about the journey. Whether that’s a literal journey, like the one she took when she left Egypt to attend school in Maryland, or the metaphorical one, like the road to records crushed and championships won, Hania’s always on the move. 

At this year’s America East Title Meet alone, she broke the school record and won a gold medal in the 1650 freestyle. She also earned the Dave Alexander Coaches’ Award, given to the senior who gets the most points during the meet. She credits her success, in part, to the support she gets from her coach, Chad Cradock, and her team. And that’s a shift for her. 

“I was taught growing up that swimming is only you,” she says. “But my success here is because the people around me believed in me.”  That belief has made teammates into friends who support each other 24/7. For Hania, that means getting together to make oatmeal twice a week and studying at a coffee shop close to campus on sunny Saturday afternoons.

Outside the pool, Hania’s focused on earning her degree in financial economics along with a minor in entrepreneurship. One of her favorite professors is Gib Mason ‘95, economics. “He wants you to think outside the box and he wants to help you,” she says. Hania credits his support and advice for helping her land an internship at a financial advising company.

Thanks to her professors and classes at UMBC, Hania’s got big ideas for the future. First stop? The 2020 Olympics. Once that’s done, she’d like to open a bagel shop back home in Cairo, but first, she says, she might come back to UMBC for the graduate program in entrepreneurship.