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"Baltimore has a great vibe. I’m proud to call Baltimore my home."
Nick Rodriguez
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Nick's Story

Hometown: Yorktown, NY

“Baltimore has a great vibe. I’m proud to call Baltimore my home.”

Nick loves walking from his home near Camden Yards to Federal Hill, which has a great college-town feel.  Federal Hill is a young area with more than enough to do. It has the perfect mix of everything—bars, restaurants, and shops. Harbor East reminds him of a smaller version of New York with its shops and great restaurants.

When the Ravens won the Super Bowl, Nick went out to celebrate with friends from school. “It was amazing to see the excitement about the game. People in Baltimore have tremendous pride for their city.”

Nick appreciates the communal atmosphere and determination that Baltimoreans have to improve their city. Recently Nick helped to make a difference as a volunteer with the League for People with Disabilities in north Baltimore. The league offers people with disabilities the opportunity to gain independence through various social services. “As a volunteer, I got to hang out with a great group of people who really appreciate the time that you spend with them.”