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Class Ten

How are you coping during this time?  How are you staying civically engaged? What resources have you found helpful?  We're compiling your answers to these questions in a Resource Bank so we all can benefit from the shared wisdom. 
Resource Bank

Lead Instructors

Kirsten Brinlee

Madison Boris

Course Assistant

Sofia Cuenca Aguirre

Community Partner

Aaron Kaufman, Central Baltimore Partnership


Ava KempGoucher College
Lubna AzmiJohns  Hopkins  University
Lydia BurnsJohns Hopkins University
Halley DingJohns Hopkins University
Yoyo DingJohns Hopkins University
Mohamad ElgendiJohns Hopkins  University 
Bridgette KimJohns Hopkins  University 
Serena BryantMorgan State  University 
Allison MurdockMorgan State University
Alicia WashingtonMorgan State University
Tyteyona BarryStevenson University
Jessie KochStevenson University
Marcus BanksTowson University
Claudette BoothUniversity of Baltimore
Favour OkhuevebieUniversity of Baltimore
Christina StocksUniversity of Baltimore
Kendal LeeUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore


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Loyola University Maryland
"It’s important to give back to your community. If I can give back with my time and talent even in just a small way, I can help the larger city."

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K-12 Education
Siobhan O'Brien, Class One
Loyola University Maryland
Vision: Change the education of people with physical and devlopmental disabilities targeted in elementary schools.

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