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Each campus recruits and selects students to apply for the Collegetown Fellowship Program. Be sure to reach out to your Campus Liaison if you are interested in applying.  Interested students will need to complete an application by April 30 for the 2021-2022 Fellowship Cohort. 

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For questions or more information, please contact Baltimore Collegetown at

Apply to be a Baltimore Collegetown Fellow

Please read all application instructions carefully. You cannot save your application. We recommend reading all questions and saving responses in a word document to allow you to work at your pace. You have two options to submit your application - complete short essays or upload a video. Instructions are included in the application form.

Deadlines and Decisions

  • All applications due April 30, 2021
  • Baltimore Student Exchange forms must be submitted by August 1. 
Preferred Pronouns*
Baltimore Collegetown Network Institution*
Class Standing for Fall 2021*

Short Answer Responses:

Please complete responses to the following questions and submit either as a video or short essays (no more than 500 words per question). To submit as a video, record responses and upload to youtube or vimeo. Submit using a shareable link in the box below. To submit as essays, record responses and upload a .doc or .pdf file in the file uploader below.

Application Questions:
1. Describe your involvement outside the classroom (campus and community involvement, other activities).
2. Why do you want to be a Baltimore Collegetown Fellow?
3. Describe what you value about the greater Baltimore region.
4. How will the Baltimore Collegetown Fellowship Program support your career and post-college goals?
5. Students in this program will work closely with a community organization. Tell us about a nonprofit or community organization you support and why.
6. Tell us any other relevant information about you.


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Meet Our Students

Johns Hopkins University
"Baltimore is important to me because I consider it to be my new home. Thus, learning about and learning from the city is something that I consider to be essential during my time here."

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K-12 Education
Meghan Lynch, Class Six
Loyola University Maryland
Vision: I want to empower community and resource centers in Baltimore, both financially and through other means, to have the ability to provide greater educational opportunities to students in their communities. I want to create a future in which Baltimore schools, grades K-12, are considered the best in the state of Maryland and Baltimore children are so well-educated that they have much better means of reaching college and stable jobs after graduating high school.

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