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Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racism

Baltimore Collegetown must continue to stand against racial violence and systemic racism. We acknowledge the Baltimore region is the indigenous land of the Piscataway, Canoy, and Susquehannock tribes. Baltimore is a city largely made up of Black people and has a long history of anti-Black racism We provide these resources to support the unlearning required to be actively anti-racist and to stand in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. In support of our Asian American and Pacific Islander students, we’ve updated the Black Lives Matter/Anti-racism resource center with new organizations and opportunities to learn. This language best encapsulates our position at this time. As new learning happens, we will update accordingly.

Books about Racism

'This article was created as a basic guide for anyone interested in educating themselves on Black history in the United States, and how to work on becoming actively anti-racist with films and books about racism. These resources span two centuries, and are anything from historical accounts to ground the reader in what was so often forgotten about in American History class, to more modern works on how racism can exist as trauma in the body. Understanding white privilege by both black and white authors are present, as well as articles and speeches written by some of the most inspiring leaders of the 20th century. Novels and memoirs are also included.

These works cover a wide range of topics—from how racism affects society’s psyche, a little girl’s journey to self-love, or a family’s access to food and proper housing. While there are definitely many books, films, and podcasts, I missed, I believe this is a decent starting point.'