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Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racism

Baltimore Collegetown must continue to stand against racial violence and systemic racism. We acknowledge the Baltimore region is the indigenous land of the Piscataway, Canoy, and Susquehannock tribes. Baltimore is a city largely made up of Black people and has a long history of anti-Black racism We provide these resources to support the unlearning required to be actively anti-racist and to stand in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. In support of our Asian American and Pacific Islander students, we’ve updated the Black Lives Matter/Anti-racism resource center with new organizations and opportunities to learn. This language best encapsulates our position at this time. As new learning happens, we will update accordingly.

Shalom Baltimore

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New to town? Kind of new? Want to get involved? Know someone who would be interested? Shalom Baltimore has you covered.

Meet new friends, attend inspiring events or rally around causes that you care about. There is something for everyone!

To find your place in Jewish Baltimore, get in touch with our friendly Shalom Baltimore Coordinator, Jenny Seidman, at 410-369-9258 or and receive a special Welcome Gift!