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Current Students

Hello, Civic Leaders!

Please feel free to use the information provided here as a resource to help you maintain focus and energy as you work on your community projects.


  • Class Resources
  • Upcoming Events

    Spring Retreat

    Saturday, March 27

    Location: Zoom


    Friday, April 16


  • Campus Liaisons

    Goucher College
    Aisha Rivers
    Director of Student Engagement

    Lindsay Johnson
    Associate Director for Community-Based Learning and Community Service Programs 

    Johns Hopkins University
    Center for Leadership Education

    Loyola University Maryland

    Maryland Institute College of Art
    Karol Martinez Doane
    Director of Student Activities

    Morgan State University
    Natasha Lewis-Williams
    Coordinator, Office of Student Life & Development 

    Danny Molock
    Assistant Coordinator

    Notre Dame of Maryland University
    Amber Hurt
    Director of Student Engagement and Community Programs

    Stevenson University
    Jenna Womack
    Director of Student Activities 

    Towson University
    Corey Bailey
    Director of Student Activities

    Luis Sierra
    Assistant Director for Civic Engagement

    University of Baltimore
    Anthony Butler
    Director of Transitions and Community Engagement

    University of Maryland, Baltimore
    Gregory Brightbill
    Academic Coordinator

    Hannah Schmitz
    Assistant Director, Service Learning

    Candace Martinez-Doane
    Assistant Director, Leadership and Governance

    Kaleigh Mowkra
    Assistant Director for Residential Education 

    Learn more about the Campus Liaison role here.

  • Funding

    Collegetown Civic Leadership Grant

    Have a great idea but short on cash? Apply for the Baltimore Collegetown Civic Leadership Grant! The grant supports Collegetown Underground, Collegetown LeaderShape, and Collegetown Fellowship student vision projects in partnership with local nonprofit agencies, schools, and government bodies in an effort to create a better community in the Baltimore region.

    Please click the link below to apply for funding.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed monthly by the Alumni Board. 



    Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects from films, games and music to art, design, and technology! Kickstarter is a platform and a resource; you have complete control over and responsibility for your projects. Anyone can launch a project on Kickstarter as long as it meets the guidelines. You set the funding goal and deadline; if people like your project they can pledge money to help make it happen!

    Give Corps

    Give Corps is an online community where you can discover new opportunities to further your vision. You can find causes that inspire you, volunteer with them, donate to them, and spread the word to others. You can also start your own cause or foundation! This funding program also provides Corps Rewards which are discounts/coupons you can use with their local merchant partners.


    CrowdRise is an online fundraising website that is a unique blend of crowd funding, social networking, contests and more. First, set a goal, and personalize your fundraising page and then, start your campaign! Send your link via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, and then just keep asking and asking! The whole point is to make it fun so that people want to help you raise money for your good cause. Add incentives, like every time someone donates $100 dye your hair green or something fun like that!


    Rally is an online fundraising tool used to build social awareness on a larger scale with no deadlines. Rally is used for everything from political campaigns to non-profit organizations to people wanting to cover their medical expenses or tuition. Simply create a page, upload a photo or video, and grow your supporters using the social sharing features built into your personal website already connecting your message to twitter/Facebook, etc.

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University of Maryland, Baltimore
"Baltimore Collegetown allowed me to engage with the Baltimore community and build connections while learning to lead."

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Arts & Culture
Cynthia Cheng, Class Seven
Maryland Institute College of Art
Vision: To create a community for Asian and Asian-Americans in Baltimore by getting them invested in the city of the local community.

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