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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members play an integral role in the LeaderShape program.  Students are challenged and supported by faculty and staff network throughout their LeaderShape Class and beyond.  This network is comprised of Baltimore Collegetown Staff, Cluster Facilitators, On-Site Coordinators and Campus Liaisons.

Cluster Facilitators

Cluster facilitators have several essential responsibilities during the LeaderShape Institute. Their primary responsibility is to work with a group of 8-12 participants called the “Family Cluster." Family Clusters are the formal support and reference group for the participants during the week, and the Cluster Facilitator serves as the participant’s resource, catalyst, and encourager. The Cluster Facilitator does not act as the participants’ “parent” or “gatekeeper,” but instead serves as a bridge between the Learning Community and learning application in the Family Cluster.  Five to six Cluster Facilitators and one alternate will be chosen for each LeaderShape session. Past facilitators report that the LeaderShape week offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with students as well as personal and professional growth. Please note that this is an immersive experience and facilitators must be on site, overnight, during the LeaderShape Institute week in August. Cluster Facilitators are also expected to participate in the other LeaderShape programs (Fall and Spring Retreat, Fall Service Activity, and Graduation).

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On-Site Coordinators

The On-Site Coordinator serves as an important member of the LeaderShape Institute faculty, carrying out crucial logistical and conference management tasks during the session. He or she works in partnership with the Lead and Cluster Facilitators to ensure the success of The LeaderShape Institute and is responsible for organizing the materials for both faculty and participants. Having daily tasks taken care of makes the jobs of the faculty less stressful and allows them to spend more time engaging participants and fostering community. The role of the On-Site Coordinator is an opportunity for students who have enjoyed a previous LeaderShape experience and want to further their involvement with the program. Please note that this is an immersive experience and coordinators must be on site, overnight, during the LeaderShape Institute week in August.

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Campus Liaisons

The Campus Liaison is a staff member from each campus. This role serves as a link between students, Collegetown and LeaderShape. They lead recruitment efforts on their campus, assist students during the application process and support students as the work on their visions. This position allows a staff member the opportunity to see individual student growth and benefit over time and serves as an on-campus connection point for LeaderShape students from all Classes.

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