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Student Profiles

"My Collegetown Fellowship experience exposed me to a newfound purpose."
Allison Murdock
Morgan State University
Hometown: Randallstown, MD

Allison's Story

Allison describes Baltimore as unique, misunderstood, and home. She says despite taking a piece of her family, “I’ve never let hate live in my heart for Baltimore. Instead, I’m on the road to forgiveness and healing the City.” While Allison never considered social entrepreneurship as a career path, her Collegetown Fellowship experience exposed her to a newfound purpose. Her passion is to change the world by starting here in Baltimore. 

Allison is enthusiastic about servant leadership. On her campus, she is studying to be a Young Life mentor, works as a French tutor, First Year Advisor,  and teacher’s assistant. Allison also serves as president of the Finance Club where she teaches basic financial literacy material at local elementary and middle schools.