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Student Profiles

"Many of us are imagining a world that has the capacity to push the boundaries outside of the status quo."
Ash Lynch
Maryland Institute College of Art
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Ash's Story

Ash Lynch wants to operate as a vessel for the needs of Baltimore’s citizens and says, “My vision for Baltimore is not necessarily my own. The people are speaking. We have to listen and act.”

Collaboration with like-minded participants has energized him to participate in serving Baltimore City through community gardening, volunteering with Moveable Feast and working the youth of Baltimore City Schools. Ash chooses to challenge the status quo with through his personal philosophy and action through a lens of intersectionality. He also works as an adjunct professor of African American and Latin American History, where he highlights the threads of history to current events.

Ash is grateful for his Collegetown LeaderShape experience and what Baltimore has offered him. “Baltimore shifted me and re-shaped me in ways that have changed my life forever, and I am thankful beyond measure.”