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Student Profiles

Victor Ekanem
"This experience was not all application or all theory; it was a combination of community activism and leadership skills that completes the big picture."
Victor Ekanem
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Victor's Story

Victor Ekanem uses robotics to teach students community values. The biomedical engineering student is working on a robotics mentoring institute for middle and high school students in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, Johns Hopkins University and the FIRST (For the Inspiration of Science and Technology) program.

Students who participate in the institute learn about teamwork, effective public speaking skills and the importance of community service. The end goal is to encourage Baltimore students to attend college and give back to their communities.

When students get involved in robotics and form lasting relationships with university-student mentors, Victor sees student confidence and academic achievement grow. An experienced mentor, Victor is robotics team manager at his alma mater, the Digital Harbor High School.

Victor's experience in Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has encouraged him to pursue a career in education and social enterprises. His first step is to be a teacher, preferably at his former high school.