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Student Profiles

"The skills I gained from Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape have shaped my career goals immensely."
Jazmyn Thompson
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Jazmyn 's Story

“Just because you are born poor, doesn’t mean that you should have to die poor,” says Jazmyn Thompson.  She found that approximately 42 percent of African-American children who are born into poverty are likely to remain poor as adults. This is a result of social detriments of health such as lack of access to quality schools, healthcare, food, and shelter.

Jazmyn studies health inequities, avoidable inequalities between different groups of people. The inequalities are extremely prevalent in Baltimore, and Jazmyn is in a position to help alleviate them. Her vision for Baltimore is for all people to have access to everything that they need to be healthy, happy, economically stable, educated, and successful.

Her experience with Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has helped her create a plan, starting with the end goal in mind and working backwards to determine how to accomplish her goal. Jazmyn’s first steps toward her goal include community service and an internship. She volunteers with the Institute for a Healthiest Maryland as a health educator at a Baltimore City elementary school. Her internship with the Center for Urban Families, affords her the opportunity to promote father engagement in Baltimore City Public Schools, which will lead to developing recommendations for a father engagement policy program.