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Student Profiles

"[Through Collegetown LeaderShape] I gained access to a network of inspiring individuals who will support one another as we work toward our visions."
Elyse Oliver
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Biddeford Pool, ME

Elyse's Story

Elyse Oliver’s vision for Baltimore is to create a city without boarded up windows. “The vacant houses that plague the city are detrimental economically, socially, and environmentally to those forced to live nearby,” says Elyse. “Filling the houses with homes, small businesses, and nonprofits will bring productivity and investment to neglected neighborhoods.”

Elyse’s career interest is neighborhood revitalization. Her Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape experience has heightened her commitment to get involved now rather than later. She has since enrolled in additional courses that focus on social justice and housing, giving her a better understanding of previous vacant housing policies in Baltimore.

Now in her third year at Johns Hopkins, Elyse looks around Baltimore and sees potential. She believes fresh minds and ideas are necessary to getting long-term investments into the areas that need it most. She is exploring career opportunities in Baltimore so that she can continue working toward her vision after graduation.