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Student Profiles

Samantha Lozano
"Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape is one of the most challenging and inspiring programs out there. it motivates students to do something extraordinary."
Samantha Lozano
Towson University
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Samantha's Story

Sam Lozano immigrated to Baltimore from the Philippines in 2002. As a Baltimore City Public Schools graduate, she appreciates the power of education to uplift minds and communities. 

Sam’s vision is for Baltimore to be come a city that provides the best possible education to its students with a core emphasis on community service. She plans to organize an annual volunteer fair for high school students, where they can learn about local service organizations. Sam speaks from experience when she motivates students to get involved in their communities; she volunteers with a college readiness program at W.E.B. Dubois High School, Art with a Heart and Pimlico Elementary/Middle Schools’ Dream Academy program. 

Creating a vision for Baltimore has helped Sam create a vision for herself: to use her education to promote positive and sustainable changes in the lives of Baltimore residents and their communities. When she graduates, Sam plans to apply her talents and enthusiasm to help nonprofit organizations with a focus on education and youth.