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Student Profiles

"Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape helped me refine all my passions and interests into one, solidified vision."
Christine Wertz
The University of Baltimore
Hometown: Mayo, MD

Christine's Story

Growing up along the Chesapeake Bay, Christine Wertz was already passionate about protecting the natural assets of the bay. When she moved to Baltimore, her interest in preserving and protecting the natural environment took on new life. After learning about urban sustainability measures such as urban farming, community gardens, farmers markets, and city parks, she became enamored with the idea of solidifying communities through environmental preservation and education.

Christine believes environmentally conscious public space is one of the best ways to bring people together. Her vision is to bring about a vibrant, ecologically minded Baltimore that reflects the different cultures and histories that reside within its neighborhoods.

As a history major, Christine is fascinated by Baltimore’s neighborhoods, all distinctly different from one another in their culture, assets, and historical narrative. “I'd love to see that narrative shared not only with those outside the city, but with those within it. Fostering an understanding of the past and how Baltimore got to where it is today, can fuel our visions and passions for its future.”

Through her volunteer work with the Edgar Allan Poe house in the west Baltimore neighborhood of Poppleton, Christine became involved with the Poppleton Community Association. She created an online media presence for the association to promote activities and initiatives such as building a park and community garden. She is also collaborating with them on their campaign against littering.

On her own campus, Christine is working to get a novel idea off the ground, creating an apiary for beekeeping on the rooftop of one of the university buildings. The idea stems from the University of Baltimore mascot, Eubie, a honey bee. Students from the university’s environmental sustainability program would harvest the organic honey to be sold at local farmers markets.