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Student Profiles

"Perhaps I may one day dedicate myself to being a social entrepreneur myself! Who knows?"
Chinat Yu
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Hong Kong

Chinat's Story

Chinat believes that the Baltimore Collegetown Fellowship will have a lasting impact on his personal growth and self-awareness. He applied to become a Fellow because he’s interested in understanding more about the city where he lives and studies. Students often talk about living in the Hopkins bubble, where they do not have a chance to take in the full Baltimore experience. By becoming a fellow, he gains a better understanding of the community around him and has the chance to be a part of local social change.

The program teaches him to be more sensitive to and aware of the community around him, through curriculum which emphasizes Baltimore history and features guest speakers from local Baltimore organizations. He has been able to learn the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship and has grown as an individual. Chinat looks forward to being able to put those principles and knowledge into practice as he advocates for digital equity in the Baltimore region.