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Student Profiles

"As a Baltimore Collegetown Fellow I have refined and combined my passions in public health and game design by learning from professionals in Baltimore and thinking critically about."
Connor Wall
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Connor's Story

Connor invests his time in Baltimore because as a JHU student, he’s drawn to the quaint, quirky culture. Much like other cities across the Mid-Atlantic, Baltimore's architecture has a mixture of colonial and industrial influence, but Baltimore's culture has a unique vibe. He wants to see Baltimore's history represented in modern culture and believes that social issues can be reimagined here. 

Having studied social entrepreneurship in high school, he had the opportunity to learn about existing social systems and how to navigate them through case study analysis. Since then, he has been fascinated by how social issues can be addressed with an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial lens.

As a fellow, he applies this knowledge in through community projects. Breaking the JHU bubble, he formed relationships with students from other Baltimore schools and entrepreneurs around the city. Moving forward, he hopes to nurture relationships between visual art and public health work to create social change.