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Student Profiles

"I learned diversity is important and bringing other ideas in to expand my own perspective is powerful."
Essence Fisher-Hobson
Towson University
Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Essence's Story

Essence, a health science major, gets excited about the educational, career, and volunteer opportunities in Baltimore. “Baltimore is a great city to get hands-on experience in public health,” says Essence. “The city is a magnet for talent.”

She is passionate about breaking down barriers in access to healthcare and healthy literacy in underserved communities. Her vision for Baltimore is to eliminate food deserts by making affordable, nutrition-enriched food options accessible to all residents.

As Essence looks forward to a career in public health, there are many lessons from Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape that she will take with her. One lesson that stands out is for her is that everyone has a story. When her family cluster volunteered at Health Care for the Homeless, she learned that homelessness can happen to anyone. “It taught me not to place labels on people and to place value on compassion and empathy.”