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Student Profiles

"Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has empowered me to serve others and create positive, long-lasting change."
Mahima Sukumar
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ

Mahima's Story

Mahima Sukumar’s vision is to empower women experiencing homeless to share their stories, connect with community resources, and access mental health services.

Living in Charles Village and traveling to East Baltimore to do research, Mahima often encountered homelessness on the street. However, her first opportunity to meet people experiencing homelessness was through her Collegetown LeaderShape family cluster service activity at the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center. Mahima and her LeaderShape peers created a restaurant-style atmosphere at the shelter, and they were the servers for the evening. “Meeting people who were experiencing homelessness gave me a new perspective on the issue. It struck me how often people who are experiencing homelessness are dehumanized by others.”

The experience inspired Mahima to take an intersession course at Hopkins, “Healthcare, Housing, and Homelessness.” The course introduced her to the policy, current actions, and history of homelessness and healthcare in Baltimore.

As a result of her participation in Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape, Mahima is more connected to serving others and more conscious of social injustices around her.  She is ready to take action—to use her background in science and medicine to serve the community.