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Student Profiles

Kelly Cyr
"My vision is to promote spay/neuter programs to ensure pets have loving homes and are not in abusive situations."
Kelly Cyr
Hometown: Millersville, MD

Kelly's Story

Kelly Cyr wants to put an end animal abuse in Baltimore. A leader and campus spokesperson for animal rights, Kelly interns at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. She recruits and trains new volunteers and leads reflection sessions.

Kelly plans to have a career as a large-animal veterinarian. Her participation in the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program, has helped her take her love for animals and the outdoors to the next level. Collaborating with other campus leaders has broadened her perspective and fueled her career and service goals.

Reflecting on ways to improve Baltimore has helped Kelly draw a clear connection between animal abuse and the social condition of Baltimore communities. She is excited about the mayor's Anti-Animal Abuse Commission. When she becomes a veterinarian, she plans to serve the commission by performing forensic necropsies in animal abuse cases, using her knowledge to help animal abusers get convicted and get psychological counseling to prevent them from abusing animals and people in the future.