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Student Profiles

Zeba Ahmed
"I want every woman in Baltimore to feel empowered and important."
Zeba Ahmed
Towson University
Hometown: Dundalk, MD

Zeba's Story

Zeba Ahmed wants every woman in Baltimore to feel empowered and confident. Growing up in Bangladesh, she frequently witnessed female oppression and exploitation. As a child in a third world country, Zeba saw the United States as a land of opportunity for all.

Sadly, after living in the United States for five years, she continues to see incidents of harassment, oppression, and exploitation of women. “The good news is I know the chance of my voice being heard is much higher in this country than in Bangladesh,” says Zeba. “

Participating in Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has widened Zeba’s perspective. “Realizing my vision has helped me chose a career path that will allow me to help and empower others” says Zeba.