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Student Profiles

"The Collegetown LeaderShape experience really taught me about myself and gave me some much-needed confidence as well as inspiration from the amazing people I was surrounded with."
Anita Louie
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Belle Mead, NJ

Anita's Story

Baltimore is important to Anita Louie because it is the first urban city where she has lived. She immediately fell in love with the city atmosphere, the interconnectedness, and the sense of community.

Anita hopes to provide strong creative and professional writing skills to children and young adults in Baltimore. She has put her Collegetown LeaderShape experience to practice by working as a personal statement teacher’s assistant at MERIT Baltimore, where she assists underserved high schoolers who are interested in health careers. Anita also serves as a music tutor at 901 Arts and through a Collegetown LeaderShape grant she is able to help fund instrument repairs and launch a creative writing class.

Collegetown LeaderShape taught Anita the value of confidence and about the inspiration collaborative thought fosters. “The biggest thing this program did for me was instill a sense of self-confidence and efficacy which really wasn’t there before. It reminded me of my strengths as a leader.”