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Student Profiles

"Collegetown LeaderShape was an eye opener for me, it helped me to develop my vision and to start the process of accomplishing it."
Elodie Tendoh
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Hometown: Elkridge, MD

Elodie's Story

Elodie Tendoh is invested in creating more access to fresh and healthy foods and eliminating food deserts in Baltimore City.

“I believe that everyone has a right to equal opportunities, unfortunately, the people of Baltimore do not seem to have access to these opportunities.” Elodie’s vision is to improve the overall health and life expectancy of Baltimore’s citizens through proper nourishment and nutrition. Her Collegetown LeaderShape experience helped to fuel this desire and led her to opportunities where she could directly impact her community. By planting fruit trees in a local orchard and getting a grant to help extend an urban farm in the city, Elodie has already been able to create impactful change around her.

“I am very thankful to Collegetown LeaderShape for giving me the platform to explore my vision.”