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Student Profiles

"Collegetown LeaderShape has motivated me to carry all this positive momentum to the school as a teacher"
Blake Schildhauer
McDaniel College
Hometown: Hampstead, MD

Blake's Story

In high school, Blake Schildhauer had a mentor who asked her to start an environmental club at the school. Blake was a student leader, but she didn’t initially share her mentor’s enthusiasm for protecting the environment.  As she organized the club and as students and teachers became more involved, she became passionate about recycling and conserving fossil fuels, and her school became a certified Maryland Green School.

Now at McDaniel, Blake is the president of the college’s Green Life organization. In her work she’s seen how universal and inspirational forming a connection with the environment is for many. Her vision is to provide programs that allow children opportunities to interact with the environment—nature, wildlife, fresh air—and understand the importance of protecting areas such as the Chesapeake Bay

She is several steps closer to achieving this vision. Blake interned at the Hashawa Outdoor School in Westminster. She helped students with service projects and led a night hike, teaching children about bats and the moon. For her Collegetown LeaderShape project, Blake applied for and received a grant to fund the building of a garden at a local elementary school.

Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape has shaped Blake’s career goal: to be a high school math teacher. “I want to become a leader in the classroom, helping students accomplish their dreams in math or other areas.”