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Student Profiles

Rone'e Davis
"The Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program has taught me to think big – anything is possible."
Rone'e Davis
Morgan State University
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Rone'e 's Story

Davis cares deeply about the safety of families in her com- munity. Her vision for Baltimore is personal. Sadly, Rone’e lost three family members in a house fire
two years ago. Her vision is for all families in Baltimore to have a fire escape plan. Rone’e helped to create a non-profit in her hometown of Richmond, VA, to help families with children who are displaced by fire. Now she works to help Baltimore families stay safe.

Her experience in the Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape pro- gram has taught her how to set goals and build a strong team to accomplish any task. As president of the National Council of Negro Women at Morgan State University, Rone’e coordinates service programs every day of the week for African-American women and their families. She is organizing a team to collect smoke detectors, batteries, and home fire extinguishers for the families who participate in these programs.

Rone’e also has an internship at Booker T. Washington School for the Arts, helping students with learning disparities, anger control, and behavior readjustment. She makes sure that her students have a fire escape plan. In addition, she partners with a local firehouse to offer fire prevention workshops for children and families.