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Student Profiles

Chyna Diaz
"Working with other students in the Baltimore area was one of the best experiences I have had. I learned so many different perspectives that have profoundly affected my life and vision."
Chyna Diaz
Notre Dame of Maryland University
Hometown: Washington, DC

Chyna's Story

“My experience in Collegetown LeaderShape taught me about myself and the city,” says Chyna Diaz. “I was able to truly understand who I am in this community and what role I can play in being a service- oriented leader.”

A philosophy and political science major, Chyna always knew she wanted serve her country in the armed forces and go to law school. Until she participated in Collegetown LeaderShape, she was unsure of how she could best use her education and experience to serve her community.

In reflecting on her own educational opportunities, Chyna formulated her vision for Baltimore: a city where any child can have the opportunity to succeed. “I want children to have the same opportunities that I have been given. I want children raised in lower socio-economic areas, as I was, to see that there is an entire world where they can live and succeed.” Chyna plans to earn her J.D., concentrating in public defense, and work in community development and planning for the City of Baltimore.