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Student Profiles

Cori Caskey
"Collegetown LeaderShape helped me to better communicate with others as a leader. You can be motivated and organized, but if you cannot communicate your ideas, you cannot lead successfully."
Cori Caskey
Towson University
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Cori's Story

Cori Caskey is a self-described people person. As a mass communication major, her career goal is to work in guest services in the hospitality field. She recently completed an internship at Walt Disney World and discovered she thoroughly enjoys helping guests make their experiences all they can be.

Building on her experiences at Disney, Cori’s vision is to enhance the learning experiences of students in Baltimore, her hometown. When Cori and a group from Collegetown LeaderShape volunteered with Art with a Heart, she saw how hands-on learning experiences challenge children to be more creative and independent thinkers. While technology is important, Cori believes that it is not a substitute for hands-on, interactive learning experiences. “I’d like to see children step out from behind the screen and participate in active learning,” says Cori.

This summer she will have the opportunity to help make her vision a reality through a volunteer position with the Maryland Zoo.