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Student Profiles

N'Dia Harris
"Collegetown LeaderShape taught me to never give up on my vision no matter how big or small. A small change is better than no change."
N'Dia Harris
Coppin State University
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

N'Dia's Story

N’Dia Harris wants to make Baltimore a place of creativity. She believes that engaging children in the arts allows them to channel their feelings into something positive. “I see a lot of young people going in the wrong direction. I want to tell them they don’t have to follow the crowd,” says N’Dia. “Getting involved in the arts can help them put their energy into something that will help them in the long run.”

She sees the benefits of giving children a creative outlet for their energy and, as a result, a sense of purpose. Through Collegetown LeaderShape, N’Dia participated in a service activity for Art with a Heart, a non-profit that brings visual arts programs to Baltimore’s vulnerable youth and adults. N’Dia is also the director of the dance ministry at her church. She’s learned that something that seems small such as creating a flower or learning a new dance step, can help a young person lift themselves up.