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Student Profiles

Aaron Chang
"My experience with Collegetown LeaderShape was instrumental in terms of refining my vision for how to best tackle the injustice of human trafficking in Baltimore and the world."
Aaron Chang
Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX

Aaron's Story

Aaron Chang loves exploring Baltimore and its history. When Aaron first visited Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner,” he didn’t realize those lyrics would become part of his personal vision for Baltimore.

His vision is to eradicate sex slavery in Baltimore, and for Baltimore to truly be the land of the free for everyone. Aaron volunteers with Safe House of Hope, a non-profit in southwest Baltimore that works to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking. His first introduction to the realities of sex slavery was a night-long mission with Safe House of Hope’s street outreach team. “I came face to face with one of the victims. Even though we were only able to talk briefly while I handed her a care package; her dead voice and numb eyes have never escaped my mind,” says Aaron.

Listening to and collaborating with students from other Baltimore colleges and universities through Collegetown LeaderShape, has expanded Aaron’s view of what is possible. Now he focuses his energies on collaborating with Safe House of Hope with the goal of making it the most effective, innovative on-the- ground anti-trafficking organization possible. Aaron received a leader- ship grant from PNC Bank, which will allow Safe House for Hope to augment its outreach efforts.